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WVPA, Newz Group offering media monitoring service

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Press Association is working with Newz Group to ensure government agencies, non-profits, businesses, industries and individuals around the state have access to a comprehensive media monitoring service.newnglogo

“We’re aware there’s a need for media monitoring services in West Virginia. The WVPA is working with Newz Group to create awareness and access to this service,” said Don Smith, executive director of the WVPA. “Newz Group is a family-owned digital media technology and public relations company that offers a wide array of services such as comprehensive local and national print, online news and social media monitoring, public and legal notices, E-Editions and more.”

“So many entities need to track their media, be it news stories, photos, letters to the editor, Op-Ed pieces or other items,” Smith said. “West Virginia newspapers provide access to West Virginia communities. New Group can provide a detailed monitoring report on that media.”

Smith said the WVPA is working with Newz Group to move all phases of the West Virginia media monitoring operation to online monitoring and increase the speed of the reports.

The WVPA and Newz Group are working on a digital archives system for all West Virginia newspapers.

In addition to working to develop the digital system in West Virginia, Newz Group is also offering a discount for customers from West Virginia. See the attached advertising below.

To contact, Newz Group about media monitoring and the discount offer, visit, email at [email protected] or call 800.474.1111.



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