Press Release Distribution

Members or Associate Members can have press releases e-mailed right into the hands of editors across the state.

Please contact Don Smith, 304-342-1101, ext. 160.

Press Passes

If your annual membership dues are paid, you are now entitled to two WVPA Press Credentials.

All you need to do is to send the signature and color photo of the person(s) you want to receive these two press cards. You may order as many press cards as you like.

The charge for additional press cards is $5 each. Simply send a photo, title and signature of each person, for whom you are requesting a press card. Photos and signatures can be emailed to You may also send in a color photo and we will scan it into your press credentials. We will be glad to return your photo to you.

Sample Card

The press cards are like your driver license, plastic with your photo and signature, plus your position at the newspaper. They are very durable and should last until we issue cards again next year. If you lose your card we will be glad to replace it for $3.