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United Citizens for Coal launches Coalfields 2030 Project  

LOGAN, W.Va. – United Citizens for Coal joined with local and regional community, business and education leaders in launching Coalfields 2030, an alliance of business, labor, community and political leaders with the goal of protecting the area’s coal and coal-dependent jobs while helping expand the area’s economy.

The organization, which was officially announced at a meeting in Danville at the Community Center on Sunday, involves energy, manufacturing, construction and other industries working together with labor and community leaders to create jobs.

United Citizens for Coal President Roger Horton said the need for the organization is great and growing daily.

“We can’t sit back and watch our communities destroyed,” Horton said. “And this goes far beyond coal, but coal and coal jobs remain at the vital center. We have already lost so many jobs — and so many of the best paying jobs in this region — to the Obama War on Coal. Some of our counties are already struggling with 13 percent unemployment and even higher. Our communities and counties are struggling to keep basic services open. We have to join together — all of us — to fight back.”

“Coalfields 2030: Building a Future for America’s Coalfields is intended as a community alliance focused on the economic, social and political issues facing America’s coalfields regions. As our nation moves fully into the 21st Century, the coalfields, in fact most of rural America, face major challenges. We are struggling with a shifting economy, a generation lost to drugs and social decay, a failing education system and a political system that seems unable to meet these challenges,” Horton said. “We believe it is our responsibility, as citizens of the coalfields, to step up to the challenge and begin to address these issues at the community level. Our goal is to bring together the business community, our faith community, our healthcare, education and political leadership in a combined effort to identify and find way to address these challenges. But rebuilding our communities starts with you. We need your help.”

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