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Officials probing where funds went

The Inter-Mountain If state officials had an unlimited pot of money to spend, one of the first checks they would write would be one to fund new drug addiction treatment centers. West Virginia simply does not have the resources to provide enough help to addicts. So when state officials are[Read More…]

OPINION: Patrick Morrisey right to file lawsuit

The Inter-Mountain The link between abuse of opioid painkillers such as OxyContin and heroin addiction has been obvious for years. Responsible physicians, pharmacists and drug companies have taken steps to curb misuse of pain pills. But some continue to reap big profits for themselves at enormous cost to patients. One[Read More…]

Opinion: Manchin would be great choice for energy secretary

The Journal Perhaps the most important Cabinet secretary President-elect Donald Trump will select is a person to head the Department of Energy. Our entire economy, not to mention much of our foreign policy, relies on energy. During the past eight years, President Barack Obama and liberals in Congress have used[Read More…]

The DA’s Most Influential People 2016: A Complete List

THE DAILY ATHENAEUM EDITORIAL BOARD At the end of every year, The Daily Athenaeum Editorial Board collaborates on this list to honor those in our community who embody the Mountaineer spirit. The process involves a simple conversation based on a not so simple question; who have we seen make a[Read More…]

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