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Endorsement: Mooney the clear choice in US House race

A Daily Mail editorial from the Charleston Gazette-Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Representing the vast 2nd Congressional district, which stretches 300 miles across the central part of West Virginia, is a tough job. But it is one Democrat Mark Hunt wants and incumbent Republican Rep. Alex Mooney wants to keep.

Mooney, who has served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives, has shown he holds fast to conservative principles. He supports the Second Amendment, has voted to repeal overreaching Obamacare policies and has fought against the EPA, whose regulations threaten coal jobs in his district.

Mooney’s stances on these issues are in line with those of other conservatives in the U.S. House. Under Speaker Paul Ryan, the country has benefited in recent years from constitutional conservatism.

However, the 2016 election could turn the tide in Congress. With Donald Trump, a so-called Republican who is not a conservative, and liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton duking it out for the presidency, it is vital for Congress — particularly the U.S. House — to remain under conservative Republican control.

That’s why the Daily Mail Opinion page endorses Alex Mooney. He stands with Republicans and will advance the principles of a free market economy, small government and individual freedom. That will be paramount as the next president attempts to use his or her agenda to undermine the Constitution.

However, Mooney must show constituents he is working to advance their causes as well. Hunt calls Mooney “Absentee Alex” for good reason.

Mooney, who is originally from Maryland and now lives in the Eastern Panhandle, is rarely seen in the Kanawha Valley. That leaves voters wondering if he truly cares about them.

It seems Mooney in many ways isn’t connected to West Virginia, and he hasn’t convinced the Daily Mail editorial board or many voters that he is present and willing to fully represent his district.

But the next two years could provide Mooney a second chance to show himself worthy of being our representative in Congress. His values and willingness to stand for conservative principles make him the better choice in this race.

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