Endorsement: Clinton wrong for W.Va., but Republican ballot is improvement

An editorial from The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register: 

WHEELING, W.VA. — As eager for change in the White House as many West Virginians and Ohioans are, some may have decided they do not want to vote for Donald Trump in the race for president.

But Hillary Clinton, the other major candidate on the ballot, is no alternative. Her attitude is that she will be Barack Obama’s “third term” intensified. Solely because of one facet of her radicalism, her plan to accelerate the government’s assault on coal, natural gas and oil, she is not an option for residents of our states.

West Virginians and Ohioans should not view the Nov. 8 election as an exercise in futility, however. Voting is vital.

Should Clinton win the presidency, it is imperative she be restrained by a strongly Republican Congress.

Especially critical is the U.S. Senate, which confirms presidential appointees, including those for the Supreme Court. Clinton has vowed that, if elected, she will nominate ultra-liberals as justices, to ensure her radical initiatives are not overturned there. Only a Republican Senate repulsed by Clinton’s agenda, including her plan to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” can stop her from packing the court.

Ohioans will play an important role in that. One of their senators, Republican Rob Portman, is up for re-election this year. His opponent, Democrat Ted Strickland, is an unquestioning supporter of Clinton.

Portman will defend Ohioans. Strickland will defend Clinton. The choice for voters is that simple.

Neither West Virginia senator is up for re-election this year. All members of the House of Representatives are on the ballot, however. There, too, a strong GOP majority is important.

In our area of West Virginia, we need to return U.S. Rep David McKinley, R-W.Va., to Congress.

In our region of Ohio, voters should re-elect U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio.

Some voters in our states may have concerns about Trump’s personality. But reacting to that by voting for Clinton makes no sense to residents of our area, who have had enough experience with Obama to know how bad Clinton would be for us.

No, Clinton must be challenged, not supported. Our only protection against her in the White House would be a solidly Republican Congress.

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