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Russian journalist arrives to work with Gazette-Mail

Charleston Gazette-Mail photo Goncharova
Charleston Gazette-Mail photo

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Hi, my name is Yana Goncharova, and I’m a journalist from Russia. Since my arrival in Charleston on Saturday, I’m strongly considering making a nameplate that says “Russian Girl,” so everyone can understand why they haven’t seen me around town and why my language is so slow and strange.

I have already visited Streetfest, downtown restaurants, an Episcopal church service — and even Wal-Mart. Plus, my colleagues at the Gazette-Mail had a welcome-party for me on Sunday. I look forward to seeing lots more and learning how the Gazette-Mail works during my two-week stay here.

I live at the southern part of Russia, in Rostov-on-Don. (If you look beneath Moscow on the map, almost to the border with Ukraine, you will find it.)

Rostov has more than 1.5 million citizens…

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