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National Newspaper Week is Oct. 3-9; WV Press, NAM sharing materials for newspapers

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The 81st annual National Newspaper Week — Oct. 3 to 9 —  is a recognition of the service of newspapers and their employees across North America and is sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers (NAM), which includes the West Virginia Press Association.

Newspapers can visit the home page of National Newspaper Week here to download items.:

Brian Allfrey, executive director of the Utah Press Association, is this year’s chairman and “Community Forum” is this year’s theme.

WV Press wants to thank Allfrey, the The Relevance Project and the Newspaper Association Managers for the concept of this year’s theme.

 Click here to learn more about The Relevance Project.

The content kit is a little different than in years past. The kit will contain promotional ads, editorials and the like, all suitable for you to publish in celebration of National Newspaper Week.

Additionally, we are also including resources to help each Newspaper become the Community Forum in their community. Additional resources are available at no cost to all newspapers at

All of this information is available for download at no charge to daily and non-daily newspapers across North America.

Additional materials for use by newspapers promoting NNW will be posted below as they become available.


Newspapers are encouraged to plan to celebrate National Newspaper Week by downloading these materials and devoting as many column inches as possible to reinforce the importance of Newspaper to your communities.


From Chairman Allfrey:

Make it local by editorializing about your newspaper’s unique relevance. This can be about your duties as government watchdog, your role as a community forum and coverage of community events, publication of timely public notices, etc.

Since the principle is timeless, the materials, new and archived, remain on the website and accessible year-round as a continuing resource.

Thank you for supporting National Newspaper Week. You already know there is power in association. And the same principle holds when associations like ours band together to provide even greater impact — both directly to newspaper members locally and collectively to the overall industry nationwide.

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