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Broadcasting changes may call for state funds, WVPB interim head says


Charleston Gazette-Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Public Broadcasting is eyeing supplemental funds from the state — possibly in the seven-figure range — to aid in the pricey transition it and other broadcasters are prepping to make to a new television standard.

“The entire industry is ready to change,” said Dave McClanahan, WVPB’s director of engineering, at the state Educational Broadcasting Authority’s regular meeting Wednesday. “All the television that we know is probably going away by 2023, and it will be a whole set of new standards. It will do a whole lot more. It will talk to your phones, your tablets, your devices.”

The incoming new over-the-air television standard, authorized by the Federal Communications Commission last year, will also lead to more vibrant pictures and better audio for viewers, said Chuck Roberts, WVPB’s interim executive director.

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