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WV Coal Association statement regarding Sen. Manchin’s position on reconciliation package

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Chris Hamilton, president and CEO of the West Virginia Coal Association, offered the following statement following Senator Manchin’s late Thursday announcement he would not support a federal economic package that raises taxes or includes climate provisions:

“Senator Manchin’s opposition to the current round of climate and energy proposals in Congress does not surprise us.

Chris Hamilton

Excessive and expansive incentives for renewables and a potential phase out of fossil energy would quickly obliterate our state’s coal industry and the thousands of West Virginians who depend on the revenues from these jobs in West Virginia. Coal and coal-fired electric utilities combine for a total economic value of $261 billion and over 318,000 jobs. West Virginia’s coal-related economic output is $14 billion.

We have the utmost respect and appreciation for Senator Manchin’s keen insight into energy matters and all he has done to keep West Virginia coal healthy and a part of our nation’s energy mix. Every day we hear warnings of possible brown outs and black outs due to underperforming renewable power facilities and lack of energy infrastructure. The shuttering of U.S. coal-fired power plants across America has led us to this position.

Over his political career, Senator Manchin has always advocated for sensible, all-the-above energy policies distinguishing him from many of his colleagues from who favor a more parochial or extreme view. Thank goodness for Senator Manchin’s national energy leadership to effectively stop the destructive path our great country appears to be headed down and return it to one guided by technological innovation, commonsense and normalcy.” 

For additional information, contact Chris Hamilton at (304) 342-4153.

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