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Woody Thrasher enters W.Va. Governor’s Race as a Republican primary challenger to Gov. Jim Justice

Press Release from WoodyThrasher2020:
BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Lifelong Harrison County resident Woody Thrasher officially announced his candidacy for governor of West Virginia this morning.

“The reasons I’m running are simple,” Thrasher said to a crowd of friends and family at The Thrasher Group Inc. in Bridgeport. “We need real leadership that creates economic growth to bring jobs and keep our young people here.”

Woody Thrasher, former West Virginia Secretary of Commerce and founder of the Thrasher Engineering Group, announced his bid for the 2020 Gubernatorial primary election Tuesday at the Weat Virginia State Capitol. Thrasher will run as a Rrepublican, challenging his former boss, Governor Jim Justice. WV Press Photo/Dalton Walker
“West Virginia desperately needs focused, hands-on leadership – the very same kind I used to build this business,” he added. “We deserve a full-time governor who is ready, willing and able, around the clock, to bring us jobs, to fix our roads and to preserve our conservative values.”
Thrasher began his career in business in 1983 by starting Thrasher Engineering, now the
Thrasher Group, with his father in Bridgeport. The Thrasher Group now has grown to 11 offices in seven states with approximately 700 employees. Thrasher also previously served as West Virginia’s Secretary of Commerce.
“Voters finally had enough and elected a Republican Legislature that has already done great things to advance West Virginia,” he said. “They did the heavy lifting on major initiatives, like passing pivotal right-to-work legislation, but they’ve tried to do more, and the missing link is our missing governor.
“Our citizens and our Legislature deserve a governor who will work full-time to help them continue making necessary changes, like school choice, lower taxes and fixing our roads.”
In a nod to President Donald Trump’s strong conservative leadership as a political outsider, Thrasher added, “President Trump keeps it simple: more jobs, higher wages and better roads equal making America great again. It really can be that simple here in West Virginia.”
Thrasher will file pre-candidacy paperwork with the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office this afternoon.
To learn more about Woody Thrasher’s campaign, visit

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