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West Virginia House passes its version of income tax elimination bill, adopts changes to Senate intermediate court bill

By David Beard, The Dominion Post

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The House of Delegates passed its version of the personal income tax reduction and elimination plan Monday and sent it to the Senate. The House also adopted an amendment for a scaled-down, cheaper version of the Senate intermediate appeals court bill and will vote on it today.

Crossover Day is Wednesday and the bills containing the governor’s very different plan haven’t moved so this is the only framework still alive as the end of the session – April 10 – draws near.

As Delegate Mick Bates, D-Raleigh, pointed out during discussion of one of his two failed amendments, the Senate will either let the bill sit idle or load it up with offsetting tax hikes to resemble the governor’s bill and send it back to the House where it would die.

HB 3300 would start Jan. 1, 2022. Each income tax bracket would see a tax-rate reduction. At the same time, the state tax commissioner would look at tax year 2021 collections and use that figure to reduce tax year 2023 collections by $150 million and calculate tax year 2023 rates accordingly…

To read more: https://www.dominionpost.com/2021/03/29/house-passes-its-version-of-income-tax-elimination-bill-adopts-changes-to-senate-intermediate-court-bill/

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