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WV Coal Association announces congressional endorsements

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Coal Association is endorsing current 2nd District Rep. Shelley Capito in the race for the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Sen. Jay Rockefeller. The Association is also endorsing Rep. David McKinley for re-election in the 1st District, Alex Mooney for the 2nd District and State Senator Evan Jenkins for the 3rd District congressional races in the upcoming November general elections.

These endorsements reflect the stark difference between the Democrat and Republican energy initiatives being advanced in Washington – a difference measured in miles. We believe the Republican leadership in Washington has focused on preserving our coal industry and the energy security it provides, as represented by Capito, McKinley, Jenkins and Mooney, is more consistent with a wise energy plan for our nation.

Over the past six years, West Virginia’s coal industry and our state as a whole, has suffered from the myopic and destructive energy policy being pursued by the Obama Administration and the national Democratic Party. We have suffered the loss of thousands of coal mining jobs and tens of thousands of support jobs. We have seen entire communities put in danger and counties pushed to the brink of economic collapse as a result of the impact of these policies.

The path forward is clear. It requires a rejection of the current Democratic leadership of the U.S. Senate and a strengthening of the Republican, pro-energy majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Not voting for a Democratic House or Senate leader is simply not enough in light of the impacts of the Obama Administration’s war on coal. We must have leaders who will stand up to the administration and defend America’s most abundant, most reliable fuel – coal —and the tens of thousands of people who depend on coal being mined every single day. We must build and maintain a solid front as we fight this war against our industry, our families and our nation’s energy future.

The West Virginia Coal Association is a trade association based in Charleston, West Virginia. It represents approximately 95 percent of the state’s coal production. Founded in 1915, the West Virginia Coal Association is the largest state coal association in the nation.

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