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Pierpont Community and Technical College offers new option for non-traditional students in W.Va.

By Eddie Trizzino | Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT – Lyla Grandstaff has seen it multiple times.

Pierpont Community and Technical College Provost Michael Waide discusses the benefits of the college’s new flex semester with Tracey Kennedy, a program manager at the school, on Wednesday afternoon.

A prospective college student gets to the registration process too late and the fall semester begins, forcing them to wait until the next semester to start, but normally discouraging them altogether.

“The hardest step is making that first step and coming in,” said Grandstaff, vice president of enrollment services at Pierpont Community and Technical College. “We have seen many times students come in and want to start, and the only time to start is that January start date, and once they walk out that door, it’s hard to get them back in.”

In order to meet non-traditional students where they are and offer them a new option, Pierpont introduced its new Flex Term, which will begin Sept. 16. Flex Term will join Pierpont’s existing, shorter accelerated semester that begins in October, which is also an option for students. …

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