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From the Past President Pen: The Power of Newspapers

From the Past President’s Pen
By David Corcoran
Dear WVPA Publishers and Editors,
Almost once a week, I come up with a newspaper success story that makes me proud to be a journalist and, thus, helping other people achieve their life’s goals.
Just last week, a rough-looking individualist road into Glenville in a horse drawn covered wagon. I suspected that he was on some great charitable or educational adventure touring the United States. I was wrong. Instead, he is traveling America just to find logging jobs, where landowners prefer the use of horses to log than the more environmentally destructive machinery, such as trucks, backhoes, skidders, etc.
He relates that every town he goes into, his first stop is at the local newspaper, where he can get some publicity.
Indeed, America’s newspapers have been good to him, generating enough business for him to feed his horses, himself and to buy any other essentials he needs. In fact, one town’s newspaper in Illinois sparked 109 phone calls and about as many jobs for him.
See how our newspapers have the respect of our readers and the power for our advertisers?
Current WVPA President Perry Nardo of Wheeling year’s theme is “Driving Up Newspaper Revenues.” And, we can do that by sharing our newspaper success stories like the Glenville “horselogger” with each other and, then, the general public.
Sincerely and have a great autumn week,
Dave Corcoran, Sr.,
Publisher-Sr. Editor-Owner,
The Glenville Newspapers
304-462-4643 (Answering machine, leave a message and number)
& Past WVPA President
P.S. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Plato (427-347 B.C.)

Newspapers are good business in West Virginia

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