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Opinion: The Public Service Commission needs you

By Charlotte R. Lane, chair, Public Service Commission of West Virginia

Some of you might remember those old posters where a stern, bearded picture of Uncle Sam looks out solemnly over a caption that says, “I want YOU for U.S. Army.” Like Uncle Sam, I would like to say that the Public Service Commission needs you, too.

If you are looking for an interesting place to work, you couldn’t find better than the Commission. Looking for the exotic? Yes, we have it. Looking for a place that will challenge your talents? Couldn’t find a better place. Want to work at a place where you can have a real impact and make a difference in the lives of many people? This is the spot for you.

For the enormous amount of work we do, we have only a tiny staff – fewer than 230 people. And we have 70 open positions. We are particularly looking for people smart in math, in business, in numbers, engineers, lawyers and other specialists.

If you are about to graduate from college in one of those areas, come see us. Know of a recent graduate in any of those fields? Let them know we are looking. The work is very satisfying because you must use your brain to examine the most complex issues that you will ever face.

We have great hours, competitive salaries, and exceptional benefits. We are looking for young and old. All I’m asking is that you listen to what we offer. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

Are you in a rut and need a change? That happens to a lot of people. We’re only a phone call away. If you’ve had a successful career in the private sector, and are considering a second career, come talk with us. If you are nearing retirement age, but are having second thoughts about the rocking chair, come talk with us. Don’t self-eliminate before you talk with us.

If you are just looking for a career change, come talk. You’re not out anything by giving us that call. Give us a chance to give you a chance.

Call us at (304) 340-0300 and ask for human resources. I believe you will be pleased that you did. Remember: The Commission needs you.

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