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Media Advisory: Libertarian Buckley on gun rights

 HARDY COUNTY, W.Va. — John Buckley, Libertarian candidate for United States Senate, asserted today, (Sept. 11, 2014) his intention to contest the Republican and Democratic candidates for the support of voters concerned about protecting gun rights.

“No political party has been more steadfast in its political and philosophical defense of Second Amendment gun rights than the Libertarian Party.”

“The Second Amendment is about more than the opportunity to hunt. It’s a fundamental right for citizens to have the ability to defend themselves and their families.”

Buckley said the positioning of gun rights in the Bill of Rights, second only to the rights of free speech and freedom of religion, signifies its continuing importance in a free society.

Buckley predicted gun rights voters would flock to his candidacy once they see through the “opportunistic pandering” of the Republican and Democrat candidates.

“All I need to do to persuade gun rights voters to back me is get them to ask themselves this question, ‘should I entrust my precious Second Amendment rights to so-called moderates and middle-of-the-road politicians who lack any fundamental principles? Unfortunately, all you find in the middle of the road, are yellow stripes and dead skunks.”

A Senate term is six years, but “once a ‘moderate’ is elected, there’s no telling whether she’ll feel any allegiance to the Second Amendment,” he cautioned. “At that point, it’s a crap-shoot whether gun rights are tossed aside for political gain. We’ve been down this road with Senator Manchin, let’s not make the same mistake again,” he urged.

To West Virginia gun owners, Buckley emphasized: “I believe in Second Amendment rights as a matter of principle, not election posturing. I’ll never yield on a matter of principle,  unlike my malleable, moderate opponents.”

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