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McKinley reminding D.C. opioid abuse still exists in the Ohio Valley

By Joselyn King, The Weirton Daily Times

WHEELING, W.Va. — Opioid overdose numbers climbed both locally and nationally during the COVID pandemic of 2020, and U.S. Rep. David B. McKinley wants to see more parity in government spending when it comes to tackling substance abuse.

“COVID is killing people at five times the rate of substance abuse deaths. But we’re spending 750 times the money to deal with COVID than we are in the deaths and the terrors caused by substance abuse in our communities,” he said.

“I’ve done the math and we put in $8 billion toward substance abuse treatment and education (during 2020). “During that same time period we spent $6 trillion on COVID in the same time period. I ask, is that fair?”

McKinley, R-W.Va., is seeking more money for drug abuse education and treatment as the problem is expected to escalate…

To read more: https://www.weirtondailytimes.com/news/local-news/2021/02/mckinley-reminding-d-c-opioid-abuse-still-exists-in-the-ohio-valley/

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