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Martinsburg, West Virginia, elects its first female mayor in city history

By Breanna Francis, The Journal

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Winning her historic seat by nearly 200 votes, longtime Councilwoman-at-large Harriet Johnson was elected mayor of Martinsburg in June, making her the first female mayor in city history.

It was announced in July that for the first time since the city’s inception in 1778, Martinsburg had elected its first female mayor when unofficial election results came in with Johnson winning 35.32% of the vote, or 564 votes, beating out the five other candidates.

Other mayoral candidates received the following: James Dailey II, with 378 votes, or 23.67%; Dan Dulyea, with 291 votes, or 18.22%; Misty Francis, with 184 votes, or 11.52%; Robert Lowe II, with 126 votes, or 7.89%; and Luke Loy, with 54 votes, or 3.38%.

Running on a campaign based on identifying the needs of the people and working to create a stronger city looking toward a brighter future, Johnson said at the time of her election that she was humbled and honored to be chosen by city residents to lead Martinsburg, especially during such a tumultuous year…

To read more: https://www.journal-news.net/journal-news/martinsburg-elects-its-first-female-mayor-in-city-history/article_7de9fb3b-64c9-5e15-a0ef-91145e642954.html

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