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Letter to the Editor: Personal prayers and pleas for the nation

By Larry Kump

My recent Facebook post, wherein I confessed that my personal prayers include a plea that President Biden will be persuaded to do the right thing for us and our nation, caused some to howl.

Larry Kump

Nevertheless, both my personal and public prayers always have been and always will include our President and other elected leaders, regardless of their political party affiliations and affectations.

The long ago lament of Thomas Paine, “These are the times that try men’s souls,” now also deeply echoes within the chambers of my harried heart. That’s because now, more than ever, our heartfelt and anxious prayers and concentrated citizen due diligence are both needed and necessary.

As urged by the Old Testament Prophet Isaiah, we must “pray always and not faint”.

So, as we pray (and listen while praying), we also must follow-up and strive strenuously to always stand up and speak out on behalf of the principles of good governance. The 2020 elections now are behind us, but our citizen responsibilities should and must continue.

Surely, for sure and for certain and as we prepare for the 2022 elections, our job now, moving forward, is to warily watch and keep our elected officials accountable.

We do this in order to preserve our “American Excellence” and God given Constitutional blessings of personal liberty and accountability. As we do so, may God bless us all and our nation real good!

— Larry Kump is an Eastern Panhandle resident, former West Virginia State Delegate and Cheryl’s husband.

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