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Kayak crew breaking West Virginia habits

By Xena Bunton, The Parthenon

DANVILLE, W.Va. — The day couldn’t be better as you are flowing down the Little Coal River in Danville, West Virginia. The sun is shining bright on you in the perfect 87-degree temperature, closing your eyes to feel the heat even if you could look at the blue sky all day long.

It is your first time in a year bringing your kayak out, the one collecting dust in the shed. West Virginians and tourists from miles away are in the river with their Jon boats and kayaks to experience one of the state’s outdoor treasures. 

It is quiet as can be, except for the occasional bird chirps, as you breathe in the fresh air and take a drink from your hydro-flask when you suddenly go under. A 200-pound tire just hit the stern of your kayak. People around you gasp and try to help, when suddenly they realize they are trapped with a hundred more tires ahead of them.   

If you are floating in the West Virginia rivers, you may just pass these tires and would not think about them later—but if you are a member of the ‘Trash your Kayak Cleaning Crew’ Facebook group, you would be gathering those tires and pulling them onto land…

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