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Gov. Justice issues statement endorsing Moore Capito for Governor

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice issued the following statement endorsing Moore Capito as West Virginia’s next Governor:

I believe everyone understands just how important the race for Governor is in West Virginia. Dozens of people ask me every day, “Who do you support for Governor?” and “Who do you want us to vote for?” They say, “We want to keep all the good things rolling.” We have come so far and have turned our State around. We can’t lose our momentum now. 

Let’s face it–whether it’s the new businesses that are coming here like never before, the billions of dollars invested to improve our roads and infrastructure, our focus on education and fixing our schools, even the 180 degree change in how the world sees us and how they’ve discovered all West Virginia has to offer–we have to have someone who will take the wheel and keep us moving in the right direction. 

We have good candidates, and I admire each for their individual accomplishments. As I have watched this campaign mature, however, I am saddened by the ridiculous mudslinging. I have realized only one candidate is laser focused on continuing to keep us on the path of goodness for all of us. I think only one truly understands that we got here by pulling the rope together. Our great turnaround story still has chapters to be written, and I believe one candidate is prepared to keep the course. 

We have a great opportunity to put President Trump back in the White House and have a unanimous Republican team from West Virginia working together in Washington. That’s why it’s so important to have a “get it done” Governor who will connect the pieces to help our Great State. 

Therefore, today I am honored to announce my wholehearted endorsement for Moore Capito for Governor and that I will support him in every way. He is from a family of thoroughbreds: from his three-time-elected Governor-grandfather Arch Moore to his current United States Senator-mother Shelley Moore Capito. Moore has shown he has the vision and knowledge to elevate West Virginia, and I am proud to wish him success. 

West Virginia deserves a team like no other that will ensure a bright future for us all. We will continue to build a strong economy, fight for our families, and make sure we prepare our children for the jobs that are upon us. We’ve done so many great things, West Virginia… Let’s keep it going!

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