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Editorial: Vote no on HB 2441; West Virginia wants to see certified payrolls

From HomeTown News, Hancock County:

A bill to gut provisions which require a percentage of workers doing state-funded work be West Virginia residents will be on Second Reading in the West Virginia House of Delegates on Monday.

HB 2441 deletes the requirement for contractors to file certified payrolls with the State.  That would prevent anyone –the media, the legislature or a private citizen armed with a Freedom of Information Act. – from monitoring whether the contractor is in compliance with the West Virginia Jobs Act.

What does the West Virginia Jobs Act do?  It makes sure when a project is funded by public dollars such as the road bond issuance, that West Virginia residents are hired as workers.  Employers have to hire 75 percent of West Virginia workers under the Jobs Act.  By deleting the requirement to submit a certified payroll, it would be impossible to check if workers hired were indeed West Virginia residents

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