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A message from the ‘Past President’s Pen’

To the publishers and editors of the West Virginia Press Association:

Dear Friends,
  Two aspects of our professionalism that may be lacking are our need to be more sociable and be more open to networking outside of convention time.
   For example, in the mid-1980s when Warren Buzzard, publisher of the Morgan Messenger, was WVPA President, he visited all of our association’s newspapers, conversed with us publishers or editors and gave us a six-pack of that tasty and healthful Berkeley Springs water — a very nice gesture.
Although some of us WVPA presidents who followed Warren tried to replicate that difficult feat, we’ve all fallen a little short, including myself. That’s why, in part, I write these Past President’s Pens — trying to add that personal social touch to our association and suggest networking ideas. Indeed, Warren’s kindnesses didn’t stop when his presidency ended, for he’s visited me in Glenville at least three or more times in the past two decades. Indeed, he’s a real and concerned friend to many of us.
   Thus, I hope that we current publishers and editors, when travelling, will take the time to pay short “courtesy calls” on each other. That promotes conviviality on the social side and offers a chance for networking on the business side — a potentially powerful combination that could lead to mutual financial benefits to both newspaper organizations.
   Just an idea that takes only a minute bit of time out of your busy schedules, but might mean a lot to a publisher or editor in need of a friend or advice.
Sincerely yours,
Dave Corcoran, Sr.,
Publisher-Sr. Editor-Owner
The Glenville Newspapers (where you’re always welcome)

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