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Charleston Dirty Birds celebrating ‘Women Making A Difference’ and the Hispanic Community during tonight’s game

In recognition of the honorees, free tickets are available for the game

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It’s a big Thursday at GoMart Ballpark as the Charleston Dirty Birds play the York Revolution and celebrate ‘Women Making A Difference’ and the state’s Hispanic Community along with Hispanic players on the Dirty Birds’ 2023 roster.

The first-ever “Women Making A Different Night” will coincide with the Charleston Dirty Birds game tonight at GoMart Ballpark against the York Revolution. Tonight is also the third game this season as their Hispanic Identity, Pájaros Sucios de Charleston.

“We’re celebrating women and all the ways women make a difference in our community – and beyond – tonight! We are giving free tickets to girls and women of all ages so they can join the celebration!
Visit https://fevogm.com/Womenmaking4 to access the ticketing site and order up to four tickets per email address! The celebration starts soon after the gates open at 5:30 and will include a pre-game parade open to all women and girls who are invited to carry a sign across the field proclaiming how they make a difference.

A video tribute to women who are helping make a difference.

“On the 175th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention that launched the women’s rights movement, the Charleston Dirty Birds, Spa Bliss and other community partners will celebrate the many ways women make a difference in our community tonight. The celebration starts soon after the gates of GoMart Ballpark open at 5:30 p.m.,” officials said.

The Charleston Dirty Birds are also celebrating their Latin Identity, Pájaros Sucios de Charleston, ton five Thursdays during the 2023 season. WV Press’ ‘Las Noticias en tu idioma con Sergio Rodriguez’ is partnering to welcome members of the Hispanic community with free tickets available at the game and food and beverages at WV Lottery Tent.

Conoce a Yefri Pérez de Bani, DR

“This is an amazing addition to our 2023 promotional lineup. We’re excited to be able to celebrate the local Latin community throughout the season,” said Dirty Birds’ General Manager, Jeremy Taylor.

The Pájaros Sucios is a Day of the Dead-themed evolution of the original Dirty Birds mascot. The logo retains the blue eyes and orange beak, and the headlamp now features a candle, symbolic of the traditions that make the Day of the Dead the cultural icon it is. The name, Pájaros Sucios, translates to ‘Dirty Birds’ in Spanish. Pronunciation: PAH-HAH-ROH SOO-SYOH

The idea of the Dirty Birds’ Latin Identity originated from Minor League Baseball’s Copa de la Diversion (“Fun Cup”). This is the first year the Dirty Birds are introducing their Latin Identity, and the team wears specially designed jerseys and hats for each of these games featuring the Pájaros Sucios name and logo.

“Creating a promotional element that involves the celebration of the Latin Community within the game of baseball has been a huge part of this process,” said Manager of EntertainmentEden Douglas. “We wish to celebrate all members of the Latin Community and highlight those in Charleston as well as the members of our roster.”

Remaining Pájaros Sucios Dates are as follows:

Thursday, July 20

Thursday, August 24

Thursday, September 7

Dirty Birds – Pajaros Sucios

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