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BRCTC president voices support for W.VA. Senate’s community college bill

Peter Checkovich

MARTINSBURG, W.Va.  – Peter Checkovich, president of Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, has expressed strong support for West Virginia Senate Bill 1, which won unanimous approval from the state Senate and now sits in the House of Delegates – just as it did this time last year. This year, Checkovich hopes the bill emerges successfully from the House.

The bill would provide free tuition for many in-state community and technical college students.

Calling it the “last dollar in” bill – a phrase used by legislators and others to describe it – Checkovich said the bill would help students who may not otherwise attend college. He spoke of it during a college Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday, and then discussed it further in his office.

“I absolutely support it,” Checkovich said. “I get a chance to talk to a lot of students – and potential students, too. One of the largest problems our students have is the ability to pay to go to school. That’s especially true for adults who are coming back to school after having been in the workforce for a while. Or maybe they’ve raised a family and they’re coming back to school.”

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