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W.Va. Legislators from Marion County help celebrate Fairmont Medical Center grand opening

Release from the W.Va. House of Delegates:

CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  As West Virginia University Medicine celebrated the reopening of the Fairmont Medical Center, House of Delegate members from Marion County celebrating the 110 jobs added back to the community and the improved access to critical care for thousands of Marion County residents.

The Marion County delegation has participated in countless meeting over the past few months to work to get Fairmont Regional Medical Center reopened.  The hospital has been a major employer in Marion County for decades.  Working alongside the business community and the Chamber of Commerce, the Marion delegation has been committed towards the economic improvement of Marion County with the reopening of Fairmont’s hospital.

“We were outraged back in February when employees of Fairmont Regional Medical Center received letters saying that the hospital would be closing permanently,” Delegate Mike Caputo (D-Marion) said.  “Hundreds of jobs were lost, and we are so glad that some of these individuals now have the opportunity to go back to work providing high quality healthcare to the residents of Marion County at Fairmont Medical Center.”

“We have worked with and urged the Governor and WVU Medicine to find a solution to ensure that Marion County residents have access to care,” Delegate Linda Longstreth (D-Marion) stated. “We appreciate their quick work to get this center reopened.”

“Access to affordable, quality healthcare is vital to our state’s population,” Delegate Michael Angelucci (D-Marion) stated.  “An extra 20 or 30 minutes in an ambulance can mean the difference between life or death to a patient. We have to care for our people in our community, and the reopening of Fairmont Medical Center allows us to do that.”

The Marion County legislators look forward to continuing to work with WVU Medicine to expand the services provided at Fairmont Medical Center.

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