West Virginia needs an entrepreneurial spirit

A Daily Mail editorial from the Charleston Gazette-Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Speaking to a group of journalists at an Associated Press-sponsored Legislative Lookahead just days before the 2016 legislative session started, State Senator Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, relayed what he said is a “crazy idea” for a tourist attraction in West Virginia.

He suggested building a full-size replica of a 19th century West Virginia town where tourists could come to experience life in the 1800s, dressing and living just as they might have 150 or so years ago.

“It’s crazy,” he said, “but I think it will work.”

Lots of ideas were crazy before they changed the world.

Perhaps the peers of Michael Faraday thought his idea in the 1830s to build a noisy dynamo that would generate this mysterious energy called electricity was crazy.

Perhaps Alexander Graham Bell himself thought crazy the idea that two people across the globe could one day hold a small wireless device and have a conversation…

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