W.Va. Department of Education must ensure program is a money-saver

From The Wheeling News-Register: 

An initiative by the West Virginia Department of Education to repair old computers and other electronic devices instead of selling them at auction sounds like a wonderful idea. The concept of recycling and reusing has built-in appeal.

But is it saving taxpayers money?

When state government wears out many types of equipment or simply has no immediate use for them, it auctions them off to the highest bidders. Anything from old filing cabinets to high-mileage cars can be found in those sales.

But some of the equipment still has life left in it. So, about three years ago, the education agency established an initiative called SecondLaunchWV. It takes used computers, monitors, etc., and refurbishes them. The devices then go to public institutions such as schools and libraries. …

Read the entire editorial at http://www.theintelligencer.net/opinion/editorials/2018/11/ensure-program-is-a-money-saver/

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