The rhetoric wars are already beginning

An editorial from the Charleston Daily Mail 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — To hear the rhetoric of some of West Virginia’s Democratic leaders, you’d think the state’s Republicans are out to harm working families, eradicate rights in the workplace and make it harder to make a living in West Virginia.

But wait; isn’t that what happened largely as a result of 80-plus years of Democratic control of the state Legislature?

For a party that claims to represent working people in West Virginia, why is it that so few people in West Virginia are working?

The facts speak for themselves.

West Virginia has the nation’s lowest work force participation rate; sits among the bottom states in average household income and per capita income, rates among the lowest with college graduates in the workforce, and on and on.

 These aren’t problems brought by a Republican majority. They are partly the result of years of one-party domination by Democrats which for many years treated employers as deep-pocketed enemies, ripe for suing, taxing and fining…

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