Put Kasich on the ticket

An editorial from The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register 

WHEELING, W.Va. — Ohio Gov. John Kasich fought the good fight for his fellow Americans. He should be given the opportunity to continue doing so – and should take it.

Kasich bowed to the inevitable Wednesday, suspending his campaign to be the Republican nominee for president. Another contender, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, bowed out Tuesday.

That leaves New York businessman Donald Trump firmly in command. He will be the Republican Party’s nominee for president, probably facing Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.

Now Trump needs a running mate. Any number of well-qualified men and women could be under consideration. It should not be difficult for Trump to find someone who can help him in his campaign and, should the ticket win next fall, be an excellent vice president.

Kasich stands out from the rest, however. His record of getting things done in Congress and as governor would commend him to voters. His well thought-out policy positions would, if implemented, be good for the country. His record as a political insider who fought the establishment on issues such as a balanced budget would, if given more exposure, make him a popular complement to Trump’s personality.

It has been said vice presidents have little influence on policy and limited power in Washington. In some administrations, that clearly has been true.

But it need not be the case during the next president’s tenure. His record and his ideas indicate a Vice President Kasich could do important things for Americans.

Kasich has said repeatedly he would not consider being a candidate for vice president. In a “normal” election year, that might have been an appropriate position.

This is anything but a normal time in politics, however. It is a time when true patriots should be willing to make sacrifices for our nation. It is a time when Kasich should be asked to be on the ticket with Trump – and should accept.

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