Politics paint Harrison school board in bad light

Harrison school board cartoon

An editorial from the Exponent Telegram

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Most times, we see members of the Harrison County Board of Education as people who profess to be dedicated to the interests of our children. Often, though, we are reminded that these individuals ran for the seats they hold, and they are, in fact, politicians.

We saw the political side of the Board of Ed last week when members voted 4-1 not to renew the contract of Superintendent Susan Collins.

Four of the members showed that not only are they politicians, but very bad ones at that — tone deaf, politically, to be precise.

A week after Collins received a generally positive evaluation from the board (although details were not released) and only a few months after being named State Superintendent of the Year (by fellow superintendents across the state) and Educator of the Year (awarded by The Exponent Telegram Editorial Board), the board saw fit to “go in another direction.”

The vote came after pleas from teachers, principals and members of the public to keep Collins in place.

The board was reminded that Collins had a hand in landing state funding for renovations at Simpson Elementary and a new Lincoln Middle School.

She also has been a hard-working administrator who has labored for the best interests of our students and has garnered the respect and admiration of teachers and administrators across the state.

So instead of rewarding someone who has given more than 30 years of her life to Harrison County schools, the board didn’t renew her contract. It is, in effect, a slap at the teachers, principals, students and community.

Bad policy. Bad politics.

Ironically, now that they’ve made their decision, board members are saying Collins did a fine job…

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