Editorial: Public access is not public notice

West Virginia officials claim promotion of a government website equals public notice of the actual information on that website.

That is a disservice to local residents.

If legislators remove public notices from community newspapers, you will be less aware of information you need to know, including delinquent taxes, unclaimed property listings, and other government actions, spending and plans.

This is about awareness.

This is about open government and transparency.

This is about giving real public notice to the people of West Virginia.

Keeping public notices in the local newspaper — in print and online — is the most effective method of creating widespread community awareness.

Significant numbers of people in each community read their newspaper in print and online to stay informed. The news is shared and discussed. It’s current and matters to local residents. The newspaper is actively distributed into each community.

That’s why public notice in local newspapers works.

People do not sit down each day or week to enjoy researching data on a government website.

Let legislators know you oppose House Bill 2715, Senate Bill 318 and any plan to remove public notice from your community newspaper.

Public access is not public notice 

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