Now Manchin must move beyond ‘No Labels’

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Now that the dust is settling from last week’s sea change election, eyes turn toward West Virginia’s most prominent “No Labels” guy.

Senator Joe Manchin is his own label.

That’s good since his official political party brand is in big trouble. After Election Night, Manchin looked like a quarterback with no blockers, no running backs and no receivers to throw to.

And his home away from home, “No Labels,” created a big problem for him.

For months, many have asked whether Manchin plans to come back and run for governor.

After last week’s watershed election, the question changed to: “Will Joe Manchin switch parties?”

The online publication “Talking Points Memo” asked him.

“Senator Manchin is a proud West Virginia Democrat and will remain one,” Manchin’s spokesman, Jonathan Kott, told Talking Points Memo in an email.

He may stay a Democrat, but he ditched the “No Labels” group…

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