Changing concealed carry permit faulty logic

An editorial from The Exponent Telegram

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — With so many issues to address in a relatively short 60-day session, we’re amazed lawmakers chose to tackle some things that appeared fine as is.

Case in point: Concealed carry gun permits.

Despite concerns voiced by law enforcement officials, Senate Bill 347 passed out of that chamber on a 32-2 vote. It is now in the House Judiciary Committee.

Currently under state law, anyone who can legally possess a gun can carry it in plain view. However, to conceal that weapon, a permit is needed.

County sheriff’s departments are tasked with issuing those permits. Residents who apply undergo a background check, must demonstrate knowledge of gun safety and proper use and pay a fee.

Such a system provides the public with another background check (besides the one required to purchase a gun). It also allows the sheriff and others in law enforcement to know who’s allowed to legally carry a concealed weapon and provides much-needed funding for sheriff’s departments.

All of that goes away under the bill…

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