$7.6 million grant will help displaced miners

An editorial from The Register Herald

BECKLEY, W.Va. — If we were to take a survey of people who looked at today’s Page 1 and asked what they saw, the consensus probably would be that it was nothing but bad news.

You wouldn’t get an argument from us — for the most part. Most of it was depressing.

 What we want to point out is that there was some good news on the page. We hope everyone — especially coal miners who have been laid off their jobs — took a good look at the top story on the page.

That would be the one that announced that West Virginia has received a $7.6 million federal grant to provide new educational opportunities to help dislocated miners find a new career path.

Through the grant, displaced coal miners and their families will be eligible for tuition assistance up to $5,000, travel, childcare and other education-related expenses, as well as supporting 25 on-the-job training positions.

Lest you think it’s all just more coal dust being blown up our skirts, read the testimonials of two former miners who took advantage of previous grants and will graduate in May with degrees in teaching and computer science technology.

One of them, John Dunlap, 50, said he spent 34 years as a miner, but came to realize the coal industry endures “blow after blow after blow.”

“This program is worth every dime spent…


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