Opinion: W.Va. Statehouse Beat: House and Senate not singing the same tune

By Phil Kabler, Charleston Gazette-Mail

So here’s where we stand: The Republican-controlled Senate is feuding with the Republican governor, who seems to be feuding with everyone from U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to his many creditors.

Phil Kabler

Meanwhile, the Republican-controlled House of Delegates not only doesn’t seem to be on the same page as the Senate on education reform, but isn’t even necessarily singing from the same hymnal.

Who would have thought Republicans could be as factionalized as the Democrats used to be?

The House’s plan on education, if it has one, may become clearer when the special session resumes Monday.

It seems unlikely that House leadership can twist enough arms to shift enough votes to pass the Senate’s omnibus 2.0 bill intact, given its substantial resemblance to the omnibus bill that the House killed in regular session on a 53-45 postpone indefinitely vote.

From there, time will be working against the House — which through House Speaker Roger Hanshaw‘s commitment to send the Senate bill and multiple stand-alone House bills to committees, looks on track to end up spending at least the better part of the week in session. …

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