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Coronavirus Update: Week 2 businesses can open today in West Virginia

State guidelines are available

By Taylor Stuck, H-D Media

HUNTINGTON, W.Va.  — Some West Virginia businesses will open today, and it will be up to the public to ensure they take the proper precautions.

Opening this week are outdoor dining at restaurants, hair salons and barber shops, pet groomers and small businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Houses of worship and funeral homes may also resume in-person gatherings.

The governor advises that businesses only reopen if they can meet state guidelines issued by health officials.

“If we can’t trust people on the honor system,” the governor said last week, “we will intervene. We are going to make sure to the best of our ability that people are following the guidelines.”

People should call their county health departments with specific concerns about failures to abide guidelines, the governor said.

Outdoor dining guidelines stipulate that tables should be 6 feet apart allowing for clear paths to enter and exit. Restaurant patrons should not be permitted to congregate in waiting areas. Parties should be limited to six.

Live music, buffets, self-service and use of playgrounds are prohibited. Customers should only be permitted inside to use restrooms. Disposable menus, plates and utensils and canned or bottled drinks or disposable cups are encouraged.

Employees must wear face coverings. …

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State guidelines

Guidance for West Virginia businesses permitted to open in Week 2:

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