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WVU launches app to increase campus safety

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. West Virginia University’s Student Government Association and University Police have teamed up to bring a safety mobile app to the WVU campus. Students with an iPhone or Android phone can download the LiveSafe app and be one step closer to campus safety.

Kristina Anderson, a survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, created the app to ensure faster communication between students and authorities in times of emergency.

The launch of the app provides an on-the-go source of safety for students on campus. The WVU Police Department capitalized on the mobile presence among its students.

The app will allow students to send pictures and text tips to UPD almost instantaneously. It will display the latest news and safety broadcasts on the screen, as well as allow students to inconspicuously communicate with UPD in emergency situations.

Instead of locating the nearest “blue light” on campus, students can enable the “blue light” right on their phones, emitting a GPS tracking of their location to UPD.

It can also be students’ companions when walking home alone at night. Friends and family can watch students, via the app, as they walk to where they need to be.

When current SGA vice-president Jacob Evans ran for Student Government, it was his promise to bring more safety to campus. By working with the University Police Department, he was able to make his promise a reality…

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