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Williamson won’t let officers take cruisers home

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. – At Thursday’s Williamson City Council meeting, council denied a request for Williamson Police officers to be allowed to take police cruisers home.

Williamson Police Chief, Barry Blair made the request on behalf of the police department. Blair requested that if the council would not agree to allow all officers to take cruisers home, to consider allowing the officers that reside within city limits to take cruisers home.

Blair approached the council stating, “I would like to ask the council to consider a request that the council give our cruisers back to us or at least give the officers that live in the city of Williamson their vehicle back … If something happened, they would be ready to respond.” Currently, only two officers reside within Williamson City limits.

Hamrick responded stating, “I don’t think we should make any significant changes until after the first quarter has passed so that we can look and see how our budget is doing…

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