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Many similarities, but some differences between Cole, Justice

Charleston Gazette-Mail photos Bill Cole and Jim Justice
Charleston Gazette-Mail photos
Bill Cole and Jim Justice

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Both would fight West Virginia’s drug epidemic by cracking down on dealers and pushing for increased treatment options for addicts.

Both want a pay raise for teachers but are vague on where the money would come from.

Neither supports Hillary Clinton for president.

There are quite a few similarities — more so than in most elections — between the two major party candidates for governor of West Virginia, Republican state Senate President Bill Cole and Democratic businessman Jim Justice.

“One’s registered as a Democrat and one’s registered as a Republican,” said former U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin, a Democrat who Justice defeated in the primary election and who hasn’t endorsed anyone in the race for governor. “It’s a difference in registration.”

But there are, of course, important differences between the two candidates even if they may not always be the issues highlighted by the campaigns…

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