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Delegate-elect slugged after saving child from train

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Logan County delegate-elect saved a small child from a train over the weekend, and then was involved in an altercation with the child’s relatives.

Ralph Rodigherio, a Democrat, said he was on Dingess Street in Logan with his son, returning home with their pizza order when he saw a small child attempting to go under a slow-moving train.

“As we were coming back, a train stopped us,” Rodigherio said. “We were talking to each other. I turned around and looked and there was a little girl 2, 3 years old. She was crying for her mommy and she was right next to the train and was attempting to go under the train. She tried two or three times.”

Rodigherio acted quickly, exiting his vehicle and securing the girl so she didn’t try to go under the train again. He then called 911 and requested an ambulance and law enforcement. But the child’s relatives — her parents and an uncle — showed up first…

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