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Child found with gun on Kanawha school bus

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A child was found with a gun on a Kanawha County school bus Wednesday afternoon, the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.

Cpl. Brian Humphreys said the child, a Midland Trail Elementary School first-grade student, was found on the bus with an unloaded, single-shot pistol. The bus driver was alerted to the gun’s presence after another student overheard the boy say he had a gun.

A concerned parent contacted the Daily Mail about the incident. She said Midland Trail Elementary Principal Davis Grant sent an automated message to parents about the situation, saying that the gun was unloaded and inoperable and that students were never in danger.

“They released a voicemail to all the parents from the principal stating there was a situation on the bus this afternoon, that there was a weapon on the bus, that it was unloaded and inoperable, that it was handed over to the proper authorities and that the kids were in no danger,” said Brandee Wilson, whose 6-year-old son was on the bus.

Humphreys said a Kanawha resource officer responded to the scene. No ammunition was found and no threats, confrontation or intimidation occurred in connection with the incident, Humphreys said. The student was sent home in the care of guardians.

Wilson said when the bus driver learned of the gun, she pulled over, confiscated the weapon and notified the proper authorities. She said the bus was held up for about 40 minutes as police responded.

“When the bus driver dropped off my son, she did tell me she couldn’t believe it, and she said it had been welded in some way that it was inoperable, but it was a real gun and this was a very young kid, and she said the student had it at school with him all day…

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