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Beckley named laziest city in lazy West Virginia

BECKLEY, W.Va. — Beckley was recently given the title of being the laziest city in the second most slothful state in the nation.

A study conducted by The County Health Ranking & Roadmaps found 36 percent of Beckley’s residents report getting no physical activity whatsoever. That may count for the city’s 35 percent obesity rate, according to the study, funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute.

 But the news gets worse.
“While Beckley is the least active in the state, West Virginia is also fairly lazy overall,” the report states. “32.5 percent of residents statewide do not engage in physical activity regularly, the second highest share in the country.” Mississippi rated the laziest of all with 33.2 percent of residents not engaging in physical activity.

Beckley’s citizens said they feel physically unhealthy 4.9 days out of the month on average, the highest nationwide, according to the report. Statewide those responded said they felt physically unhealthy 4.7 days per month on average.

Another alarming fact the report found is the Beckley area is witnessing a significant uptick in premature deaths defined as deaths before 75 years of age…


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