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As school year drags on, rumors spread in Raleigh

BECKLEY, W.Va. — School officials in Raleigh County took time Wednesday to stamp out rumors floating around the county. Students have reportedly told parents that school attendance is less than mandatory. That’s not the case, according to one official.

“We are having school until June 22,” Assistant Superintendent Miller Hall said. “We’ll be doing all we can to keep our kids engaged and learning right up until the end of the year.”

Despite rumors that teachers are telling students they don’t have to come to school, Miller said that’s simply not the case.

“Are some students missing school?” Hall said. “That’s up to the parents. We don’t tell our teachers to tell the kids to miss.

“If a teacher is telling that, they shouldn’t be. We’re having school. All of our teachers, custodians and all of our personnel know we’re having school.”

Attendance is being taken every day up until June 22, Hall said.

Some parents have said they worry about the food that is being wasted because students aren’t coming to school…

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