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Marshall board OKs faculty, staff pay raises

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Pay raises will be distributed to several hundred faculty and other staff members at Marshall University after action Wednesday by the university’s Board of Governors.

A total of about $1.5 million will be distributed to some classified employees, faculty members and non-classified and other employees after the board approved the measure during its regular meeting in the Memorial Student Center.

The raises, by and large, were met with support, but also with some questions, by the faculty and classified employee representatives on the board.

The raises will average about 3.3 percent across the board, although the exact amount each employee will receive will vary based on their employee classification, said Michael McGuffey, director of institutional research and planning at Marshall.

During his presentation to the board, McGuffey said within the three employee categories — faculty, classified and non-classified — were different methodologies for increasing salaries.

For faculty, the increases will occur based on faculty classification: tenure and tenure-track faculty, librarian and clinical faculty, and term or temporary faculty.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty and librarian and clinical faculty will receive salary increases in accordance with Marshall University Board of Governors Policy.

For tenure and tenure-track faculty, that means the university will distribute a total of $857,079 to the university’s colleges in proportion to the total of the salaries of each college’s faculty members. Those funds will be distributed to faculty based on a plan devised by each college, voted on by the colleges’ faculties and approved by Provost Gayle Ormiston.

The plan for librarian and clinical faculty is similar to tenure and tenure-track faculty, and $36,007 will be distributed to each college for those raises.

For term or temporary employees, the raise will come in two parts.

The university is raising the minimum salary for term employees from $31,000 to $33,000, so those who currently make less than $33,000 will have their salary increased to that amount…

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