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WV Teacher walkout will continue Monday in all 55 counties

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Teachers and school personnel in all of the state’s 55 counties will continue their walkout Monday, the leadership of the two teacher unions announced Friday afternoon.

Teachers, service personnel and a student from Maxwell Hill Elementary in Beckley show support of the statewide walkout on Friday. Rick BarBero/The Register-Herald

“We have not seen appropriate progress on teachers, professional personnel and service personnel and that’s why we’re still here,” WVEA President Dale Lee said. “We continue to wait legislative action to satisfy employees so they can return to schools and give quality education. Our members have spoken and they’re not prepared to go back to work yet.”

Lee said as far as what happens Monday, they will have to evaluate later.

“We will evaluate what progress is made and negotiations that take place and make a decision just like we did today.”

He said the two days in the walkout will have to be made up and said the decision to cancel school on Monday is up to county superintendents.

“I hope based on the number of boards and superintendents that have signed petitions and how much support we’ve had that we have the same situation on Monday and cancel it to make it up at a later date,” Lee said. “It’s up to the superintendents.”

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said earlier this week that while he supports public employees’ request for higher salaries and affordable health care, he said a work stoppage of any length on any ground is illegal. He said his office is prepared to support any relevant state agency or board with legal remedies they may choose to pursue. …

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