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WV Press Capitol Daily: West Virginia legislative, committee schedules for Thursday, Feb. 25

WV Press Report

CHARLESTON, W.VA. — West Virginia Press Association each day will share the schedules of West Virginia’s State Senate and House of Delegates on and on Facebook and Twitter at @wvpress.

Thursday, Feb. 25 – 16th day of the session

Face coverings should be worn in all public areas of the Capitol.

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The Senate will convene at 11 a.m. On the agenda:


  • SCR 6: US Navy Seaman 2nd Class Wilbur ‘Webb’ Hahn and John W. Hahn Memorial Bridge
  • SCR 9: Haynie Family Veterans Memorial Bridge
  • SR 9: Designating February 25, 2021, as Fairmont State University Day


  • Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 7: Limiting political activity by public employees
  • Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 42: Creating Zombie Property Remediation Act of 2021
  • Eng. SB 396: Providing limitations on nuisance actions against fire department or EMS fixed sirens


  • Com. Sub. for SB 53: Providing person criminally responsible for another’s death may not be involved in burial arrangements
  • Com. Sub. for SB 80: Allowing for administration of certain small estates by affidavit and without appointment of personal representative
  • Eng. HB 2019: Elevating Economic Development and Tourism Departments (original similar to SB 274)


  • SB 16: Providing continued eligibility for developmental disability services to dependents of military members
  • SB 308: Modifying requirement that racetrack participate in WV Thoroughbred Development Fund by certain date
  • Com. Sub. for SB 321: Clarifying and updating language regarding Fairmont State alumni license plates
  • SB 338: Creating Fire Service Equipment and Training Fund
  • SB 358: Removing prohibition on ATMs located in area where racetrack video lottery machines are located (original similar to HB 2628)
  • SB 374: Increasing threshold for bid requirement to $10,000 to be consistent with other state agencies
  • Com. Sub. for SB 377: Relating to extension for boil water advisories by water utility or public service district
  • Com. Sub. for SB 389: Relating to State Resiliency Office responsibility to plan for emergency and disaster response, recovery, and resiliency (original similar to HB 2683)
  • Eng. Com. Sub. for HB 2012: Relating to public charter schools – (Com. amends. and title amend. pending)
  • Eng. HB 2262: Relating to the controlled substance monitoring database – (Com. amends. pending)


9:30 a.m.: Finance (451M)

  • SJR 4: Incorporation of Churches or Religious Denominations Amendment

1 p.m.: Health and Human Resources (451M)

  • SB 387: Relating to drug screening of applicants for cash assistance
  • SB 334: Establishing license application process for harm reduction program

1 p.m.: Energy, Industry and Mining (208W)

  • Agenda TBA

2 p.m.: Education (451M)

  • Presentation: Glenville State College update – Dr. Mark Manchin, President
  • SB 342: Allowing certain schools with enrollment of 25 or fewer students to operate as nonpublic micro-school
  • SB 356: Allowing for written part of drivers’ exam given in high school drivers’ education course
  • SB 375: Relating to county boards of education policies for open enrollment

2 p.m.: Government Organization (208W)

  • SB 415: Allowing county commissions to impose amusement tax
  • SB 421: Authorizing Workforce West Virginia to hire at-will employees
  • SB 429: Exempting Division of Emergency Management from Purchasing Division requirements for certain contracts
  • SB 318: Relating generally to public notice of unclaimed property held by State Treasurer

3 p.m.: Finance (451M)

  • Budget Presentation: Department of Veteran’s Assistance
  • Budget Presentation: Bureau of Senior Services

3 p.m.: Judiciary (208W)

  • SB 263: Permitting online raffles to benefit nonprofit organizations

All committee meetings, whether held in the committee rooms or the Chamber, will be streamed live for public viewing.

Committee times and agendas are subject to change. Follow @WVSenClerk on Twitter for updates.

All Senate Committee meetings and floor sessions are available for both live streaming and to watch again in our archives. The link to the Senate’s archived video page can be found here:


Senate Bills to be Introduced Thursday, February 25, 2021

  • SB 444: Expiring funds to unappropriated surplus balance in State Fund from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)
  • SB 445: Reinstating film investment tax credit (Rucker; Economic Development then Finance)
  • SB 446: Extending Neighborhood Investment Program Act (FN) (Weld; Finance)
  • SB 447: Relating to economic incentive tax credits (Takubo, Boley, Clements, Grady, Hamilton, Maynard, Phillips, Roberts, Rucker, Smith, Stover, Weld, Woodrum; Finance)
  • SB 448: Relating generally to property tax increment financing districts (FN) (Martin; Government Organization then Finance)
  • SB 449: Supplementing and amending appropriations from State Fund to Public Defender Services [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)
  • SB 450: Protecting albino deer (FN) (Smith; Natural Resources)
  • SB 451: Relating to possession of firearms by individuals during declared state of emergency (Maynard; Judiciary)
  • SB 452: Requiring development of comprehensive and strategic plan for off-highway vehicle recreation (FN) (Maynard; Economic Development then Finance)
  • SB 453: Creating inventory and mapping of all roads in state forests, state parks, national forests, and national parks (FN) (Maynard; Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance)
  • SB 454: Requiring DOH provide web-based interactive and downloadable road maps (FN) (Maynard; Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance)
  • SB 455: Creating reporting system for illegal gates on public roads (Maynard; Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance)
  • SB 456: Relating to Natural Resources Police Officers Retirement System (Nelson; Pensions then Finance)
  • SB 457: Expiring funds to unappropriated surplus balance in State Fund from Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund and Veterans’ Facilities Support Fund [By Request of the Executive] (Blair, Baldwin; Finance)
  • SB 458: Relating to possession of firearms by individuals during state of emergency (Phillips; Judiciary)
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House will convene at 11 a.m. On the agenda:


Com. Sub. for H. B. 2004 –     Permit a licensed health care professional from another state to practice in this state through telehealth when registered with the appropriate West Virginia board (J. Pack) (Effective From Passage)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2015 –     Requiring rules of local boards of health to be approved by the county commission except in cases of a public health emergency (J. Pack) (Effective From Passage)

H. B. 2536 –                             Relating to expressions of legislative intent regarding equivalent instruction time (Ellington) (Regular)


H. J. R. 2 –                               Providing that courts have no authority or jurisdiction to intercede or intervene in, or interfere with, any impeachment proceedings of the House of Delegates or the Senate (Capito)  

H. B. 2582 –                             Relating to creating a third set of conditions for the professional teaching certificate (Ellington) (Regular)



Com. Sub. for H. B. 2372 –     Allow pre-candidacy papers to be filed the day after the general election (Capito) (Regular)


Com. Sub. for S. B. 11 –         Declaring work stoppage or strike by public employees to be unlawful

Com. Sub. for S. B. 12 –         Relating to local health department accountability

Com. Sub. for S. B. 14 –         Providing for additional options for alternative certification for teachers

H. B. 2265 –                             Relating to collaborative pharmacy practice and updating rulemaking authority (Steele) (Regular)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2290 –     Initiating a State Employment First Policy to facilitate integrated employment of disabled persons (Steele) (Regular)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2529 –     Prohibiting West Virginia institutions of higher education from discriminating against graduates of private, nonpublic or home schools by requiring them to submit to alternative testing (Ellington) (Regular)


Com. Sub. for H. B. 2267 –     Establishing an optional bus operator in residence program for school districts (Ellington) (Regular)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2363 –     Relating to “Best Interests of the Child Protection Act of 2021” (Capito) (Regular)

H. B. 2590 –                             Relating to the West Virginia Employment Law Worker Classification Act (Capito) (Regular)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2616 –     Amend the reporting to the Governor and the Legislature to have information continuously available on the Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification’s website (J. Pack) (Regular)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2620 –     Relating to a departmental study of the child protective services and foster care workforce (J. Pack) (Regular)


Committee on Finance9 a.m. – House Chamber

  • Agenda N/A

Committee on the Judiciary9:30 a.m. – Room 215 E

  • HB2257 – Relating to extended supervision for certain drug offenders
  • HB2741 – Relating to expansion of the alcohol test and lock program to offenders with a drug related offense
  • HB2709 – Providing that the aggregate liability of a surety on a consumer protection bond under the West Virginia Fintech Regulatory Sandbox Program does not exceed the principal sum of the bond
  • HB2507 – Remove the limitations on advertising and promotional activities by limited video lottery retailers

Committee on Rules10:45 a.m. – Room 418 M

Committee on Education1 p.m. – House Chamber

  • HB Originating, Relating to enrollment at the county vocational schools.
  • H. B. 2362, Implementing trauma-informed practices in schools.

Committee on Health and Human Resources1 p.m. – Room 215 E

– Agenda N/A

Committee on Government Organization3 p.m. – Room 215 E

  • Consideration of HB 2025, Provide liquor, wine, and beer licensees with some new concepts developed during the State of Emergency utilizing new technology to provide greater freedom to operate in a safe and responsible manner.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

HB2760.            By Del. Capito – Relating to economic development incentive tax credits – To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance

HB2761.            By Del. Zukoff and Fluharty – Authorizing the Division of Highways to assess local impacts to roadways for activities permitted by the Department of Environmental Protection – To Technology and Infrastructure then Energy and Manufacturing

HB2762.            By Del. Steele, Reynolds, J. Pack, Foster, Kessinger, Householder, Hardy, D. Kelly, Barnhart, Martin and D. Jeffries – Exempt from this article any actions arising from the practice of elective abortion or elective abortion relates services – To Health and Human Resources then the Judiciary

HB2763.            By Del. Linville – Creating WV Cyber Incident Reporting – To Technology and Infrastructure then Government Organization

HB2764.            By Del. Capito – Allow the Division of Financial Institutions to enter into reciprocity agreements with other jurisdictions that operate similar programs to the West Virginia Fintech Sandbox Program – To the Judiciary

HB2765.            By Del. Capito – Relating to allowing emergency management and operations’ vehicles operated by airports to use red flashing warning lights – To the Judiciary

HB2766.            By Del. Mandt – Creating a felony crime relating to drug delivery resulting in death (FN) – To the Judiciary

HB2767.            By Del. Walker and Fleischauer – Creating a law-enforcement transparency board (FN) – To Political Subdivisions then the Judiciary

HB2768.            By Del. Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) and Skaff [By Request of the Executive] – Supplementing, amending and increasing an existing item of appropriation from the State Road Fund, to the Department of Transportation, Division of Highways – To Finance

HB2769.            By Del. Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker) and Skaff [By Request of the Executive] – Supplementing, amending and increasing items of existing appropriation from the State Road Fund to the Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles – To Finance

HB2770.            By Del. Barrett – Including home confinement officers in definition of law-enforcement officers – To the Judiciary

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