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Wild fur and natural medicinals of the Appalachians is business for Dayton Dove


The Pocahontas Times

Red fox, bobcat, beaver and mink furs make a luxuriant pile on the back of Dayton Dove’s pickup truck. The furs, as well as medicinals, were purchased during Dayton Dove’s visit to Marlinton.
(Pocahontas Times photo by Laura Dean Bennett)

MARLINTON, W.Va. — You may have seen the ad for Dove’s Fur in The Pocahontas Times over the years and wondered just what this kind of business is all about.

Well, it’s about a gentleman by the name of Dayton Dove who comes to the Pocahontas IGA parking lot in Marlinton every two weeks and buys not only wild furs and hides, but all manner of native medicinal plants and botanicals.

A good deal of Dove’s time is spent traveling, as he is usually in his pickup truck four days a week, plying his trade.

Dove said he has always enjoyed collecting and dealing in the wild furs, hides and medicinal botanicals of the region.

“And I’d enjoy it even more if the prices would come back up,” he said. “I have an ample supply of fur put back, waiting for the markets to rise again.”

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