Wheeling fire department warns of fireworks dangers


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Although they are now legal to purchase in West Virginia, aerial fireworks are not permitted to be used within the city limits of Wheeling. Local fire officials are urging people to be cautious with fireworks as the Independence Day holiday approaches.
(Intelligencer photo by Scott McCluskey)

WHEELING, W.Va. — Firefighters recommend leaving Fourth of July fireworks celebrations to the professionals, as they say most fireworks are dangerous and against the law in the city.

As Independence Day approaches, the Wheeling Fire Department reminds those who plan on celebrating not to use prohibited fireworks within city limits. An ordinance prohibits fireworks that propels into the air and is combustible, explosive, flammable or audible, including bottle and sky rockets; Roman candles; and sky lanterns.

“The reason for that is because of our population density,” said Larry Helms, chief of the Wheeling Fire Department. “Anything that flies and explodes could cause potential hazards to your neighbors.”

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